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Duration is the term of your listing in days, for all monthly packages the duration is set for 36 days and on annual packages the duration is set for 365 days. With the free package we have extended the duration from 21 to 30 days. Upon ending of the FREE plan you will be requested to upgrade your plan to a Try me listing or higher and will be given the option to accept or decline. Should you wish to decline, YelloworldSA will give you the option to continue with your free plan for an additional 30 days and there after upon ending of duration will be requested to upgrade. Should you wish to decline for the second time, your plan will automatically be cancelled and no future free plan will be made available to you.

With the Map Display Feature on listings, we show your viewer your exact location of your business and because we use Google maps, your viewer can click on the below icon to open up google maps on a larger screen to get the exact pin point location or use their google maps GPS to find your Physical Address.

We only use Google Maps, to give you pin point locations.

The contact display on your listing is viewed as in the picture below. You will receive this feature on all listings, making it easier for your viewer to contact you directly but that’s not all, now you could add your Business Whatsapp Number and let your customers get in contact with you over whatsapp and because of the whatsapp free calling, you are guaranteed to receive a lot more calls. We highly recommend placing your business whatsapp number under this entry and your business landline number under your listing description.

The Image Gallery feature allows you to upload multiple images to your detailed listing page as seen in the picture below. These images could consist of specials, discounts, features, products, banners, etc. The Gallery will be displayed on the top of the screen, which will be played on our fantastic carousel. A minimum of 6 images will be required for automatic play and YelloworldSA will not be held accountable for poor quality or resolution of images.

With this Video Feature, we will provide a link as seen in the picture below, to your detailed listing page. When people do view your listing, they will have the option of clicking the video link which will open up our integrated video player, displaying your commercial video Ad. If you already have a video AD for your business then all you have to do is provide us with that link, alternatively a video AD will be created FREE of charge for you depending on the package of your choice. If you do not accept our package which includes a video Ad, you are always welcome to purchase this feature at an additional price.

A Business Tagline is basically similar to your company slogan but if you do not have a company slogan for your business, you could always change this with something catchy to catch the attention of your viewer. for example view the picture below.

The Location Feature, simply displays your physical address or registered address with YelloworldSA, notifying the viewer as to where your business is situated. If your viewer decides not to use google maps to pin point your location they always have this second option of storing your address for a later time when they might need to find you. Kindly view the screenshot below.

The website feature provides a direct link made visible on the detailed listing page, as seen in the picture below. When you choose a package that consists of banners, profiles etc. We link those banners, profiles, etc to your website or any link that you might provide to us. However some people might not click on these banners, profiles etc but rather just view them. So having this feature allows for your viewer to see your website link and click to view your professional website. If your business doesn’t already have a professional website, that’s not a problem, as we could create you a splash website which includes 4 pages for FREE + FREE Hosting of your website for your entire listing duration, this free option however is only available to our exclusive listing owners, alternatively we could create you a website to suit your business needs, at a reasonable price. All those who take a listing with us and request for a website to be created for their business will receive a 30% discount for their website.

The social links feature allows you to display your social links on the detailed listing page, which viewers can then click on and will be redirected to your social platforms as per the picture below.

FAQ allows you to add in your own question and answer category pertaining to your business, which could also include your company mission, vision and so on. With this feature you are not limited to the amount of FAQ’s and this will be displayed below the listing description of the page, as  seen below.

With the Price Range Feature, you give your viewer an understanding more or less as to how much your services, products, etc, might cost. This feature will be made visible on the sidebar of the detailed listing page as seen in the picture below.

Tags / Keywords play a very important role and are used when a person searches for a listing. For example if a person is looking for a Barber and if your business name is “Fresh Cuts” it is very unlikely that the person knows the name of your business but will however under the search bar, search for barbers. When you choose a listing that supports this feature, you will have the option of entering as much Tags / Keywords pertaining to your business for example. when searching for a barber, one might search for barbers, haircuts, shave, hairstyle, etc. You can add in your own keywords pertaining to your category, so that when someone does search for a relevant business, they would pick up your business listing without entering your business name. Tags / Keywords are an essential tool for better search results and relatively higher views.

Displaying your Business Hours are very important, this lets viewers know the exact operating time of your business and this feature will be displayed at the very top of the detailed listing page sidebar, this feature also lets the viewer know at according to their time of their search, if your business is currently opened or closed, which helps when you do have people who want to come through right away but also notifies the viewer of the operating times for a later date. This feature does allow for customization as per the image below.

The Front Page Company Logo Display Feature, is a simple yet effective feature to have with your listing. At the beginning of our home page under the location section, we have a slider displaying Company Logos, most viewers are bound to click on a specific logo which catches their attention, these logos have redirect links to any link that you might provide to us, whether you want people to click and get redirected to your company website or by default it is linked to your business listing with us.

The Top in Search and Taxonomy Feature, is an add on feature to specific listings. This feature is our very own ADD Package, which could be purchased individually or added on for FREE to your listing.

So What does this feature do?

That’s simple! when you receive / purchase this feature. It allows for your listing to be placed at the top of search results among many other listings as seen in the image below, these listings will have a small AD icon next to it and as you will see in the image below these listings always appear on the top of search results. For example if a user searches for a business pertaining to a similar field of expertise such as your own, Your listing will be placed at the top of the list of searches, This means that the user is 80% more likely to view your listing first below scrolling down to other listings, as recent studies show that most people don’t have the time to scroll thousands of listings they relay on the first 10 listings shown and analytics have picked up that these listings receive the most amount of views and interactions, including calls, visits and sales.

Just like the top in search and taxonomy ads feature, this feature is our very own ad package, which could be received FREE on specific listings or purchased individually. This feature is simple, once received / purchased, your listing will now be considered an AD and will be placed randomly between searches, regardless of the type of search a user might search, this is a great way to receive a much higher amount of views to your listing.

The Detailed Page Ads feature is just like the above two, it is our very own AD Package but with this feature, your listing will be placed on the sidebar of the detailed listing page in the form of an Ad like a banner as seen in the image below.

So how does this feature work?

Well that’s very simple, when a user opens up a listing and starts viewing that listing. They will come across the sidebar which is filled with information, including banners, nearby listings but also our Detailed page Ad, this will be your listing in the form of an Ad among other Detailed page Ads marked as view exclusive listings. Meaning that the viewer is also most likely to click on your listing for viewing.

The inner listing page, detailed description, is basically the complete description of your page, depending on the listing of your choice, here we also place your one page company advert / profile for viewing but that’s not limited to. As with this section you can add in anything you like about your company, you could even add in buttons, for example if you would like people to download your mobile application, you could set that button here which will redirect the user to the app store for direct download. As we’ve mentioned you are not limited to anything here, so its upto you to make this creative and use your imagination. Kindly view the images below for a better understanding of what some of our clients have done and what you could do.









The multi Platform advertising feature allows us to help advertise your listing, on our very own multi platform, which includes, YelloChat-Plus but also on external platforms such as, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc. We’ll advertise your listing on many social media groups, forums etc and with our easy share buttons you could do the same, as seen in the image below.

Our Blog Packages are a FREE Addon package to your listing, with this feature, we will create you a blog, whether it be a special that’s running or maybe a competition, maybe even a random blog something personal pertaining to your business, whatever it is, we will blog it and advertise it for you. kindly view the images below, which shows you what our blogs look like or alternatively checkout our blog page @ BLOGS

For more information regarding the blog packages you are receiving, visit our Blog Packages page.

Firstly, What Does SEO mean?

For those of you who don’t know what SEO is, it is a Search Engine Optimization. 

So now what for the next question. What is a Search Engine Optimization?

search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s (Google) unpaid results- often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. In general, the earlier ( or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users; these visitors can then be converted into customers. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, video search, academic search, news search and industry- specific vertical search engines. SEO differs from local search engine optimization in that the latter is focused on optimizating a business’s online presence so that its web pages will be displayed by search engines when a user enters a local search for its products or services. The former instead is more focused on national or international searches.

With, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our SEO strategies to help boost your listings organic rankings online and the best part of it all, is that unlike other directories who might charge you an additional fee for this feature, we offer it FREE on all of our listings. So now your listing will appear much more frequently on the web.

Our Classified Packages, are a FREE addon package to specific listings, with this addon package, you basically only pay for one but get Double the benefit. When you choose a listing package with the Classified Addon package, we will provide you with a voucher which will allow you to purchase a Classified package on our Classifieds section of the website. This will allow you to sell your brand new or second hand goods to potential customers similar to Gumtree, Graig’s list, Olx, EBay and other classifieds, you will also have an option to place your items on bid for an auction if needed to. for more information regarding Classified packages kindly view the Classified Packages page.

With this feature, you will get a full page company advert/ profile designed for you absolutely FREE, which is 8.5 inches x 11 inches, the standard full page size. This advert will be displayed on our main page of YelloworldSA and on YelloChat-Plus as seen in the image below and will have a clickable redirect link attached to it. By default this link is set to redirect to your detailed listing page which will show the same advert in full size but can be redirected to any link you provide us with (for example your: Website, Specials, Discounts, Competition etc.)


With this feature, you receive a Banner which is 350px X 250px in size designed for you absolutely FREE, this banner will then be placed on the detailed listing page on the sidebar as seen in the image below. All banners are Geo-Targeted, which basically means they will target and be displayed to only a specific location of your choice. For example if you have a small shop based in Durban South Africa, your banner will target the people residing within the Area of Durban South Africa and not across the entire globe, however this feature is set to a default which displays across the world unless you provide us with the specific location of your target of interest. All banners have a clickable redirect link attached to them and can be set to whatever link you provide us with. For example, if you want to run a banner displaying a competition, special or discounts, you can and then have your viewer click and be redirected to a specific page which could be on your website, or an external page consisting of a form etc, however by default this is set to redirect to your company website and if not then your business listing with us.

All your banners will run for the full duration of your term from the banner publish date, whether it be 36 days or 365 days, which sometimes might not correspond to the listing publish date, based on design time of the banner.

With this Feature you will receive a 450px X 350px banner, which will be displayed on the main page as seen on the image below and on our YelloChat-Plus Sidebar. This banner will be created FREE of charge depending on the package of your choice and is also GEO-Targeted, which means it will target a specific Audience by location. For example, if your business is located in New York City and you only want to target an audience within that state, now you can and your banner wont be displayed to anyone out of that state, however by default it is set to be displayed to the world unless requested for Geo-targeting. All banners have a clickable redirect link attached to them and can be set to whatever link you provide us with. For example, if you want to run a banner displaying a competition, special or discounts, you can and then have your viewer click and be redirected to a specific page which could be on your website, or an external page consisting of a form etc, however by default this is set to redirect to your company website and if not then your business listing with us.

With this feature you will receive an animation or flat banner depending on your choice which covers the size of the devices width by 450px height. This banner is placed on our main page of our website, including on the top bar of our YelloChat-Plus site.

So what is an animation or flat banner?

an animation banner is a banner which can be viewed on our main page or the picture below, which consists of motion graphics. This means moving images, similar to a video. With this you can move your text and images to give the viewer a realistic video like picture. Flat banners are just normal fixed image banners placed within the same animation banners on our slider.

This feature is offered on all listings and does this feature does is very simple. For example, if you own an accommodation business like a guesthouse or hotel, you can add in additional details like (free parking, free wifi, no pets allowed, etc.). which will be displayed under the description section of your detailed listing page. This feature also allows you to notify the viewer whether or not you accept credit cards, cash, ewallet, paypal, bitcoin etc. As seen in the image below. You could also use this feature to provide us with your own additional details that you might have.

When you receive this feature, YelloworldSA will create you a commercial video AD with real life actors etc and publish it with one of our partners YouTube. We will also get your video to appear on the main page of google Search Results pertaining to the category of your business, as seen in the image below. This feature is great because even if your listing does expire with us and you choose not to renew, this feature will remain as a permanent video on google search results for your business.

When you own a listing with YelloworldSA, we try our best to help bring benefit to your business and use our tools and skills to help build your business. When you choose a listing with us, we also give you the option of selling your products / services directly through our integrated store. This feature is free to all listing holders and is a great feature because it does work hand in hand. YelloworldSA is the First Social Market Directory, our intention is to keep users on our platform whereby they don’t have to jump from website to website in order to do different things, with this website, now the user can chat, search, connect, purchase online, buy on classifieds and also sell. So by having this feature, not only do you list your company for search results but you could also sell your products / services at the same time.

YelloworldSA does have a huge database and continues to grow everyday. With this feature you will receive a newsletter sent to more than 5 million active email addresses, so whether you want to advertise a special, discount, competition etc. We will do it for you because all our newsletters sent have redirect links to our clients requested link. So now you can reach a larger audience.

All images used are actual screenshots taken from the site and not in anyway fake which has been placed to mislead you.