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With YelloworldSA- Classifieds, we’ve made your classified experience much more interesting, fun and productive. Now we offer a wider variety of categories and detailed search forms per category. When placing Ads on YelloworldSA- Classifieds, we have integrated in-depth category forms, which help for a much more advanced search to help you find exactly what you looking for. Unlike other Classified Directories, now we also offer a bidding option and if chosen, people will then be able to bid on your items within the bidding start date and close date that you choose, which could turn out to be much more profitable for you. To find out more about our packages, continue reading…

Don’t forget that all Ads can be shared to different social platforms including our very own on YelloworldSA social platform. This way you can advertise your products globally on YelloworldSA Social or to your friends, groups etc. This way you increase your chances in sales and profit.

So how do you share your Classified Ads?

Its simple! just click on the share button that appears on your Ad, copy the direct link that’s made available and paste it where ever you like to display a direct link to your Classified Ad.

Free Ads

Find out more about posting FREE Ads

YelloworldSA- Classifieds, allows for individuals and businesses to post free ads on our platform, however you are limited to 2 Free Ads over a 60 day period and can only have 2 free Ads live at a time. when 1 of the 2 free live Ads expires then will you be able to post another Free Ad. All new registered users will receive 2 Free Featured Ads, to find out more about our featured Ads, kindly read below. If you do need to post more than 2 Ads at a time kindly choose one of our packages that suits your needs.

Starter Kit Packages

More about our Starter Kit Packages

Our starter kit packages are ideal for individuals and micro businesses who don’t intend on advertising much Ads. All Starter Kit packages are valid for a period of 30 to 60 Days and will not renew unless re-purchased, so you don’t have to worry about binding yourself to any contracts, as non of our packages consist of contracts.

Unlimited Ad Packages

More about our Unlimited Ad Packages

By choosing our Unlimited Ad Packages, you receive unlimited Ads within a period of 30 to 60 days. This package is suitable for small businesses or individuals who have a lot to advertise and sell without any limits.

Unimited Time Packages

More about our Unlimited Time Packages

With our Unlimited Time Packages you receive a limited amount of Ads but an unlimited time period, which means the amount of Ads you purchase will not expire unless used by you. These packages are best suited for individuals or businesses who advertise on an irregular basis and don’t want to be limited by time. Now you can purchase a set amount of Ads and post whenever you feel the need to.

Annual Classified Packages

Find out more about our Annual Packages

With our Annual Packages, not only do you get much more Ads but you also receive 360 days to use them, we even offer and Unlimited Annual Package, whereby you receive unlimited Ads for 360 days. This package is most suitable for larger businesses who have a lot more to advertise and sell. With this package you could even advertise your entire product list everyday if you have to!

Extreme Packages

Find out more about our Extreme Packages

Our extreme packages are unlike any other packages that we are currently offering and our Classified Lifetime Package is Limited to only 50 individuals / businesses. This package has been offered as a promotional deal for the launch of YelloworldSA- Classifieds. By trusting to purchase this package, you will receive a lifetime access to our platform and receive unlimited Classified Ads, both simple Ads and Featured Ads, you will also receive 100 000 bump up Ads per annum. So if you trust to purchase this package now, you will surely benefit later on when YelloworldSA- Classifieds does become one of the largest Classified Directories in the world. So if you are a company looking for a good investment, this is the perfect investment for you. Why? Because you will receive a lifetime of paid Ads, Post as much Ads as you like any day, everyday! Not forgetting you don’t have to worry about price increases on packages.

What are Simple Ads

Find out more about our simple Ads

Our simple Ads, are normal Ads posted under a certain category, which can be found when a person searches under that category. To ensure that you do get views for your Ad, please make sure that you post your Ad under the right category and ensure to enter the appropriate tags / Keywords for your Ad which is important for a much more advanced search. Poor advertising, may effect your chances of receiving more views and sales to your products.

What are Tags / keywords?

Tags or keywords, are words pertaining to your Ad, for example if you are posting an Ad to sell a service, example web design. enter tags or keywords pertaining to web design, for example websites, design, development, services etc. This will ensure that you Ad is found when an individual searches for web design, no matter what words they enter in the search bar.

What are Featured Ads

Don’t know what featured Ads are? Find out here…

Our Featured Ads are similar to our simple Ads. So whats the difference? Our featured Ads, get much more attention and increased sales because our featured ads are much more advertised throughout our website. Almost every page on our website displays featured Ads, so now our users don’t need to access specific categories our enter advanced searches, as featured Ads will be displayed throughout their devices. This means that your featured Ad will receive much more views then simple Ads and is much more easier to find on our website.

What is Bum-Up Ads

Not sure what is bump-up Ads? Find out here…

Bump- Up Ads, is very important when it comes to Classified Websites, as users keep posting Ads every second under your Ad category, eventually your Ad will start to drop down the list and eventually end up at the back pages. Most users don’t have the time, patience and data to sit on Classified Websites browsing through thousands of Ads and because of this reason we have an advanced search option whereby users can short list Ads depending on search, category and location but by bumping up your Ad, your Ad will appear back at the top of the list of Ads in both search and browsing of Ads. This way your Ad could appear first increasing your chances of views, shares and sales.